February 2023 Recap

I’m writing this late (second week of March), so I hardly remember the things that happened in February. Oops…


I started Awaken the Giant and Your Money or Your Life, but I didn’t finish anything. My February reading habits weren’t as great as my usual reading habits, but I’m slowly getting back to it.


I’m on my second month of doing Yoga. I practiced 15 days out of 28 days. That’s a total of 43 days for the first two months of the year.


My target income was Php 30,000, and I earned Php 33,800. I just started building up my savings. I saved Php 1,400 this month. It’s a little but it’s okay.

Wedding Planning

Plana’s been reserved; The Matrimonial requirements have been submitted; and Save the Date has been sent! The things we should be working on this March are: 1) invitation, 2) buying rings, 3) buying what we’re going to wear


Almost all the contractors we’ve talked with sent out renovation fees in hundred thousands. Producing Php 200,000-300,000 in two months is not possible right now, so D and I decided to have it done by project. Windows and new sink are done for now!

Other Updates

We hired a helper because D’s sister, the one who helps us around the house, will start her face to face classes soon.

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