February 2024 Recap

February passed by so quickly. Is it because it only had 29 days or January was too eventful and long compared to February?

Even if February had fewer days, I have more things to write here compared to last month’s recap.

Little O

Little O has been playing regularly with a Toastmaster friend’s kid of the same age. They’ve seen each other twice this month. It was just adorable to see two 2 year olds exchanging stories with each other! She’s been around different 2 year olds but this kwentuhan was first of its kind. Amazing!

Health and Fitness

For February I exercised 17 days out of 29 days.

I quit freeletics and maybe for good this time. I stopped it earlier this month because I’ve been suffering from the seasonal allergies which turned into asthma.

The family gathered here for a Valentine’s dinner and there I was struggling to breathe. I was catching my breath despite just sitting and eating. When I couldn’t tolerate it anymore, I asked D to buy me asthma medications – and it was the best Valentine’s Gift ever!

Since suffering from this allergies-slash-asthma I’ve lost stamina, so I can only do “light” exercises, which includes Madfit dancercise! Tbh, I lose my breath there, too, but it’s a good exercise for me fun despite me not being able to follow the steps! 

At first it was Little O and I who danced, I invited second sister, and she said “next week” and when that “next week” came, she actually danced with us! We’re on our third week right now, she’s ready to up her fitness routine. Oh, how I love influencing people to live healthier and fitter lives.

I had my annual physical exam. The last one I had was in 2022. This will get another post for posterity. The results this year are not that different from two years ago. But I want to be healthier and get that sugar down before I reach the pre-diabetic stage.

Career & Money

January was financially tough for me! I let my wallet loose in December, but alas, February allowed me to recover! Still have the same two clients, but I got more work coming from them. 


My college friend, M, gave me a tarot deck. I’ve done a reading during my cousin’s wedding in Thailand, but I never thought of anything about it. M got into tarot reading because of Anya Taylor. Since we talked about it before, she decided to give me one. I’m still learning more about it.


I’ve started to meditate again. I stopped meditating a few months back because the silence was giving me too much time to think like “what will happen to Little O in case D and I die?” I was so down after that meditation. I asked a friend studying law about it, and I discussed it with D that evening.

I was checking Headspace and Calm reviews when I saw a YouTuber’s review on why these apps suck, and what app to try instead. She recommended Waking Up app by Sam Harris, and I signed up for the 14-day free trial. It’s a good app, a bit philosophical, but I like it. Before my free trial ended, I signed up for another Headspace free trial which annoyingly became paid! Apparently, if you’ve tried a paid app already, you can’t sign up for another “free trial” on Google despite the app showing you “Try 14 days free trial”. Unfortunately, i can’t cancel it anymore 😅 I meditated with both apps throughout the duration of my Waking Up remaining free trial. Waking Up is a better app for me. I wanted it… so I signed up again. Now, I use two meditation apps.

Life Musings

Your feelings are valid.

Today I learned the meaning of “your feelings are valid.” Yesterday, our new helper arrived. I didn’t want another one, but D tried anyway. I was feeling stressed about training and delegating and worrying whether what she’s doing is right, whether she’s clean and whatnot. And I couldn’t open up to any of my friends, it’s like a “first world problem” thing. My best friend for life has a more serious and life-changing problem, and here I am ranting to her about a new helper? Something that she needs for herself?

Even if we have different problems, there’s a need to be heard and acknowledged.

Friendships change deal with it.

No matter how long you’ve known each other, each of you are bound to change thus changing the dynamics of your friendship. It sucks but it happens. Some people aren’t meant to stay in our lives forever; some are here to teach us a lesson.

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