New Challenges: Client and Training Journey

New Client Challenge

CA, the client who let me go, referred me to his friends, T&L. I didn’t think that would push through. After a week of unemployment, T reached out and asked my availability.

We scheduled the meeting for Tuesday, 7:00 AM PHT (Monday, 7:00 PM EDT on their side). On that day, I woke up at 5:30 AM to prepare for the meeting. That’s me, I tend to prepare early for meetings – even virtual ones.

I didn’t expect that I was already hired. I thought they’d want to hear my ideas first, but during the meeting, they shared their marketing concerns. I said I’d prepare a proposal (before their Tuesday ends). On Tuesday evening (morning on their end), I sent the proposal plus my fees. I could’ve charged a fixed rate, but it seems like charging by the hour would be better as they have three brands.

Today was officially Day 1. D asked me how Day 1 was.

“It’s okay. I created content calendars for three brands. It’s like what I used to do for [name of former digital marketing agency].” I answered.

“Why do you look unhappy?” He asked.

“I’m not.” I responded.

It took me a few hours to know why I looked unhappy.

I looked unhappy because I felt uneasy.

Uneasy because…

  • I don’t know if T&L would like my work.
  • I don’t know whether this client would be a long-term client or not. Again, it’s related to the first reason.
  • They may not like my working schedule.
  • And… a fear of more unknown stuff working with a new client.

I like the work I do for them, it’s a whole new level of marketing work for me. I hope they’ll like what I do, and they’ll be long-term clients. If I succeed with their brands, I may start my own marketing agency!

New Freeletics Training Journey: 12 Weeks Natural Tone

This is my second Natural Tone journey for the year, I would want to choose other journeys, but some require workout equipment that I don’t have here. Anyways, I’m hoping I can finish it in 12 weeks – just before 2022 ends!

How will I handle these new challenges?

I want my personal experiences to be relevant to you (if someone is reading this), so I’ll share how I’ll handle these challenges.

Show up every day!

Like what I mentioned in the previous post, consistency is king. Do my best every day for my new client and do my Freeletics work out at least 4x per week.

Mindset shift

Workwise, I feel uneasy because of a lot of reasons, and the only thing I can do is to change my how I think. I must be hope for the best and prepare for the worst. That’s why I need to continue posting and engaging on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Learn how to sell

I’ve been reading a new book, Secrets to Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar, and it’s super informative. It makes me want to change careers (for the fourth time?) and become a professional salesperson. But as the author puts it, everyone is in the business of sales. We sell ourselves to potential employers to be hired. We sell ourselves to be liked. So, no need to change careers – I’ll simply sell my services to prospects.

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