Parenting Diaries: Where did she learn to do these things?

These two stories happened last week, and I thought of documenting it for posterity.

Story 1: A Sticky Story

After work, I asked Little O to remove all the stickers. I was referring to the stickers on our bed and on her sofa bed.

I wasn’t demanding her to do it. She’s two years old; she can follow simple instructions. There are moments of resistance, so I didn’t expect her to do it.

I was minding my business and letting her do things on her own. I’m training her to play independently, so D and I wouldn’t have to entertain her constantly.

When I was lying down on the bed, she asked me to fix a plastic cup crushed in the middle. I fixed it. It was good as new, and you can put anything in it again.

Then I gave it to her.

When I got up after a few minutes, I was shocked to see that she was actually removing the stickers!

What’s more shocking is that she used the plastic cup to put all the stickers she removed.

Amazing, isn’t it?

I didn’t tell her to use the cup to collect the stickers. I just thought she’d remove the stickers and maybe put it on the floor.

This little kid proved me wrong. She’s smarter than I think she is.

Story 2: The Right Slipper

We were in the playroom. She wanted got her slippers under the table. Beside her slippers were D’s.

She wore her slippers and played.

When she was done playing, she wanted to go to the bedroom. I told her to remove her slippers first.

So she did.

Then she put her slippers where she got it — under the table, beside D’s.

But she was not satisfied. The toe part of her slippers was pointing towards us, and D’s was pointing towards the wall. Total opposites.

She got D’s left slipper and put it beside her left slipper. She made sure the toe part was pointing towards us. Then she fixed the right part to point it towards us.

Here’s how it looked like:

When you look at it, it doesn’t make sense for adults, but of course for a toddler like her it makes sense. It makes perfect sense because all the toe part of the slippers were pointing towards us.

You never cease to amaze me, Little O.

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