Restarting My Slow Living Journey

Earlier this year, I discovered a new concept – “slow living” – through a Medium post, How Slow Living Saved Me from The Toxicity of Hustle Culture by Omar Itani. Unlike minimalism, this concept is not that popular.

What is slow living?

Slow living is living an unhurried life. The movement started in Italy when Carlo Petrini protested against the opening of the fast food chain McDonald’s in Piazza di Spagna, Rome in 1986. The concept started with slow food and eventually became slow movement or slow living.

Two Lessons I Learned from Practicing Slow Living for a Week

In January, I researched more about slow living: how I can start it and how it can help me improve my life. I took slow literally because I started practicing it in February.

Slow Living Nurtures Relationships

I was truly present when I was taking care of Little O. This was the time she was trying to stand on her own, so I was there to guide her. I was there to play with her. I was there to laugh with her. I hardly checked my phone. I was there. I was living in the moment.

Slow Living Keeps You Sane

Back then, I was working with three clients. I worked on different tasks for different clients in two computers. I worked on Client A’s tasks using my laptop, and Client B’s using D’s desktop. Imagine how crazy the mental switch is. I was inefficient but tried to do more in less time. But during my slow living week, I became sane. I finished the tasks for one client first before working on the tasks for the second client. I spent more hours, but I was more satisfied with the work I did – and I was more sane!

Why I’m Restarting Slow Living

I don’t why I stopped doing it in the first place. I guess that’s what happens when you live life by default; when you are not intentional with what you do. When we’re not conscious of how we live life, little innocous things creep in. At first we’re okay with these things, but when they pile up, we’ll see how bad they’re affecting our lives.

I’m restarting slow living because I want to live a life that I don’t want to take a vacation from. I want to be happier in my journey. And, I’m pretty sure slow living will help me.

Restarting the Art of Slow Living

To refresh my mind on the how-tos and benefits of slow living, I researched about it again. Luckily, the first video I watched was this TED Talk that summed up what slow living is all about.

Art of Pausing

We live busy lives, and productivity hacks or time management tips are everywhere on the web. Such tips make us feel guilty when we spend some time doing nothing. It’s as if we should be doing something all the time! We should change this toxic productivity and make doing nothing or taking breaks normal. Life is too short not to smell the flowers.

Art of Absorbing

Look around you and appreciate what’s happening in your surrounding. At times we miss such beauty because we’re looking down on our phones, scrolling and admiring other people’s lives. It’s time we live our lives.

Art of [Being] Present

Forget the past and don’t worry about the future. Focus on the present. Being present is the most difficult of all, but with time, we’ll get used to it. One technique I found online is to remind yourself of what you’re doing. Say, if you’re watching TV and find yourself multitasking by scrolling on social media, tell yourself what you’re doing: “I’m watching TV. I’m enjoying the show I’m watching.”

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