Find the Answer to “Is it worth it?”

Finding the Answer to “Is it worth it?”Last night, I spent an hour and half recording a short course. Since I haven’t edited it yet, I’m assuming it will last for 10 minutes max.

I started recording at past 8:30 PM right after Little O slept. I finished at 10:00 PM.

Right after I shut down my laptop, I asked myself “Is it worth it?”

I wasn’t sure.

The first course I released lasts for 23 minutes and since releasing it in 2022, I’ve earned $5.00 from it. Not too much, I know, but it feels good to have unexpected inflow of money.

The hardworking person in me believes it’s worth it.

Because instead of staying on my bed, browsing social media, I was doing something that may bring me money.

But how do we know if what we’re doing is worth it?

To answer that, I came up with these questions:

1. Will it impact my future in a positive way?

Yes, I was doubting if my effort is worth it, but thinking about the money I may potentially earn, the answer would be yes.

2. Did I learn anything new?

The course was about writing. Even if I’ve been writing since I can remember, I was still able to learn new things that I can still apply in my craft.

I also learned about recording content, which I can use for other future plans.

3. Is the time investment high or low?

I spent 10-15 hours planning, creating, and designing the content. That time investment is low for me.

4. Did I get fulfilled by this activity?

I probably did because I knew I was spending my time well. And that I was creating another source of income.

You may not have the same issues as I do, these questions can help you answer the same question “is it worth it?”

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