May 2023 Recap

May feels like forever, and it’s about to end tomorrow. Finally, I think?

So what happened this month?

Life Happenings

  • D and I got married! The details are for another blog post.
  • D’s siblings and niece stayed at home for a week. Two toddlers in a home can be chaotic but fun.
  • Family lunch at home where Little O and her siblings went swimming.
  • We went to Manila Zoo. It’s Little O’s first time seeing wild animals in flesh.

After all the fun happeningsā€¦ I stayed at home working “hard”, so I can get back on my feet.


I finished The Magic of Thinking Big. Believe me when I say it’s a life-changing book. It comes next to How to Win Friends and Influence People. I plan to read this every month to remind me to practice the lessons. I’ll try to write a summary about it here.

Financial Struggles

This may seem like an exagerration, but I did experience my first financial struggle this month. I was not able to save up for my annual insurance, so I had to “reorganize” my money just to be able to pay for it. Lesson learned though. Now, I have a reminder on my money tracker to save for it every month.


I didn’t get to work out for two weeks after the wedding just because a lot of things were happening. I’m still doing Freeletics and practicing Vytas’ yoga.


The wedding was my main goal for the first half of the year, and now that it’s done, I set “minor” goals such as working on my personal brand and working on my SkillShare lessons. I’m getting there, don’t worry!

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