I’m Growing Old. Can You Relate?

I’m growing old.

Growing old has a negative connotation, it makes us think of aging. But that’s not what I mean here.

I’m growing old in the sense that I’m becoming more mature (or so I think).

Here’s why:

1. I’m getting back to Yoga.

I’ve been practicing Yoga on and off since 2010. It was the physical activity my neurologist recommended when I got diagnosed with epilepsy.

Over the years as I got better, I explored different exercises and apps. One of it was Freeletics. I subscribed to the app for three reasons:

Reason 1: Freeletics has an AI coach which designs the workouts based on my feedback. The sessions were fun and made me sweat a lot – which is something I like!

Reason 2: Progress is shown. I didn’t have to record how long it took me to finish 10 burpees. The app records my personal best.

Reason 3: The video transformations on YouTube were enticing. I thought if they were able to get fit, toned, and muscular because of the app, then I might too.

And this is where the maturity comes in – I just don’t care about how I look anymore. But it doesn’t mean that I’ll let myself gain weight, I’ll still be doing jump rope and practicing Yoga.

Yoga is more sustainable because too much jumping (plyometrics on Freeletics) might cause joint problems when I’m in my twilight years.

2. I started drinking coffee.

I’m a tea person. I never realized the health benefits of coffee until I worked on my client’s coffee brand. I got to know coffee, and eventually, I started drinking it. Black of course for it to be healthier.

Coffee is a super power. No matter how sleepy I am, I just can’t sleep. My brain doesn’t want to do it. So, whenever I can’t sleep, I just go to work.

3. I am more intentional with my time.

Breastfeeding Little O is my downtime. I usually scroll through shopping apps. Just getting some “window shopping.” But these days, I find myself listening to parenting, marketing, and thought-provoking podcasts when I’m “stuck” to breastfeeding.

4. I’m skipping the streaming services except for Spotify.

I subscribed to Disney+ a month ago to explore the app. I watched 2-3 movies and that was it. Two weeks ago, I subscribed to Netflix because of the new season of Manifest. But then I didn’t even bother finishing the first episode.

Disney+ and Netflix are so 2020. Looking for something to watch is tedious and time-consuming. Spotify and YouTube are better for their educational, entertaining, and sometimes motivational content.

Disclosure though: My friend shared her Amazon Prime Video which I rarely use.

5. I listen to jazz instrumentals when working.

Back in the corporate world, I played loud songs because it helped me focus even if there were “words” in them. These days, I prefer to listen to voice-less jazz music because it makes me feel like I’m a coffee shop, and well, it allows me to focus more on work. This part makes me feel super old.

Random Share: If you think this post is poorly-written, I agree with you. This was a draft. I was writing the edited and supposedly more polished version on Hemingwayapp.com when I suddenly refreshed the page. I lost everything. Not wanting to skip this post, I quickly edited this draft.

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