January 2023 Recap

Just a month ago, I wrote my 2022 review, and now I’m writing a January 2023 recap.

This is something I thought of doing during my Yoga practice. The difference between my monthly review and annual review is that the former is more detailed.

So here it goes…



I wanted to re-read Your Money, Your Life for the start of the year to remind me of how I shoud manage my money. But I started re-reading Flow in December, and didn’t get to finish it until two days ago.


Flow is a hard read, so in the middle of reading it, I started reading Shoe Dog: A Memoir By the Creator of Nike. This is the book of the month for the book club I’m a member of. I hope I can attend their virtual book discussion on Tuesday.


I got back to practicing Yoga after years of choosing hard and fast workouts. I follow Yoga With Adriene’s Yoga sessions on YouTube. I’ve practiced 28 days out of 31 days this month. Three reasons why I missed three days: 1) My head hurt terribly. 2) I fell asleep early (8:20-ish pm). 3) I wanted to take a break.

I’ve also quit Freeletics, which I mentioned in this post. I did Zumba for awhile, but I felt like an grandma for doing it, so I asked D to download Shaun T’s Cize dance workout. It’s a hip-hop dance workout that’s way easier than Zumba but makes me sweat a lot!


I’m a hands-on mom to Little O, but now I’ve become more hands-on because I’ve started preparing daily Montessori activities for her, from water pouring to bean scooping.


My income target was Php 30,000, and I received around Php 37,113. I know I can earn higher, but I would be working like a dog from the afternoon to midnight.

Money this month comes and goes. I don’t have extra money for savings because of the expenses that piled up. I paid Php 7,360 for my entrance fee to heaven (as I like to joke), but it’s actually for my St. Peter Memorial Plan.

After years of delay I’ve finally gotten a teeth checkup. I had my teeth cleaner, filled with pasta, and I got a retainers. All these cost me about Php 10,000 (including the Grab ride to Fairview).


This month, I was able to see two core friends, Nicole and Bjorn. After not seeing Nicole for two years, finally got the chance to hang out with her at Insyders.

Bjorn wanted to support the opening of Insyders and that convinced me to attend the opening as well. The two of us invited passersby to take a free barbecue, and we also handed out flyers. I invted one trycycle driver I rode with the weekend before the opening. On the opening day, he got his free barbecue, and he crossed the road to stop every trycycle driver he sees to tell them of the free barbecue. All I can say is the opening was a success!

Wedding Planning

D and I have finalized the venue and the guest list. This coming month, we’re going to submit the requirements and buy whatever we need to buy.


Two posts for this month (including this month).

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