We got married!

…a few months ago! And this post is late. I wrote the draft in my Notes app, but I kept on delaying writing it here because of my perfectionism. So, to keep my blog updated, I’m telling the story of our small and intimate wedding.

As a little girl I dreamt that my wedding would be… I don’t know?

I wasn’t that kind of bride who started planning her dream wedding as a child. I was busy playing that I didn’t have time planning for my “fairy tale” wedding.

D and I started planning our wedding in early 2020, in the beginning of the lockdown. We thought of having a beach wedding since we both love the beach.

A few months after that we found out that I was pregnant!

Hold the wedding plans! The funds will go to the pregnancy fund. After giving birth, we started saving again for our wedding. We originally planned to wed in November 2022, but eventually moved it to 2023, so we can focus on the first year of raising Little O and save more money for the wedding.

The Reality of Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is stressful no matter how small or big your wedding is. It’s true what they say – it’s one of the most stressful times of your life.

Because of the pandemic and the hassle of planning a wedding while raising a kid, we decided to have an intimate wedding–maximum of 100 guests. We checked different venues and restaurants but the places were too expensive and the food were too exotic (like lengua or ox tongue) for some people.

We made up our minds and decided to have it in Plana’s Pantry – one of our fave restaurants of all time! Not only was the food “normal” and tasty, but the place was perfect, too! It didn’t need much decoration.

What I (and others) Liked

Small and Intimate

A lot of the guests complimented how intimate our wedding was. Since the place was small, tables and chairs were so closely placed to each other. The guests were like tuna in a can, but somehow that made it more intimate. My sister J, was attending another wedding that week, and after that wedding, she said that intimate wedding like ours was better. I’d like to think that people loved the event if they had to take a day off from their office.

The Ringbearer

Little O was our ring bearer! My sister B was her caretaker that day, and she made Little O bring the ring. That was one of my faves in the wedding <3

The People Who Made it All Possible

I’m acknowledging the suppliers here! Unlike big weddings, we only had four suppliers.

Plana’s Pantry

While others have a different event, catering, and decoration suppliers we had 3-in-1. I think we spent about Php 60,000 for everything here.

Love Light Creatives

Our photographer was nice and knew what to say to get smiles from his subject. Even if he faced a “Bakit ngayon ka lang? Late ka na.” from my Sister A, he still had his smile.

I never thought we’d be posing for the camera like in typical weddings, but D and I actually did! We had the photoshoot in the Quezon Avenue footbridge.

Makeup Artists

The makeup artist I hired cancelled last minute. She texted me in the evening telling me she couldn’t make it because she was sick and that she needed to rest because she was in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Good thing she was decent enough to call for backup. I was quite worried because the backup wasn’t replying to my messages that night, but they still came the day of the wedding.

Host: Roxanne Baquing

Sister A gifted us the host service. And Roxanne was perfect! She made sure everybody participated in the games she had up her sleeves. The most memorable of all was her “Buttercup” dance. Yes, the Buttercup song we all know. She taught the guests some steps, and everybody danced – even the staff of Plana’s!

The Matrimonial

Perhaps the most important supplier! The Matrimonial is a legal fixer who can fix all government permits needed to get married. Their services include fixing permits, documents, a wedding place that can accommodate 10 guests, and the solemnizing officer. This cost about Php 15,000.

The Experience

Yes, it was a small wedding, but the stress was still on. You know when you’re excited for something but at the same time fear that something might go wrong on that day? That’s an additional stress, but good thing everything went smoothly!

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