The Lifestyle Changes I’m Making After Watching the Blue Zones

Written on Notes app September 10, 2023

I was scrolling on Faceboo when I was the Netflix docuseries poster “Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones.” I shared it on my feed even if I know that most of the people in my friend list don’t prioritize their health like I do.

I read the Blue Zones book back in December 2022, and it was then that I got interested in the idea of longevity. I don’t aim to live up to 100, but I aim age with life.

What do I mean?

As we age, some people lose the zest for life because everything hurts.

Our backs hurt.

Our wallets hurt (Where did our money go?)

Our social lives hurt (Who has time to meet up with their friends every week?)

We come up of reasons not to do activities outside work – even exercising.

And because of that we grow weaker.

We age.

Aging doesn’t have to be a dreaded phenomenon. Based on Merriam-Webster’s definition of the word, even Little O is aging as I write this.

Aging is basically growing older.

After reading the Blue Zones book, I followed the social media accounts of Dan Buetner, the National Geographic Fellow who discovered the five Blue Zones.

I started listening to health podcasts that talk about longevity and health hacks like The Doctor’s Farmacy by Mark Hyman, MD and mindbodygreen.

Then in January 2023, I joined Yoga with Adriene’s 30-day Yoga Challenge. Yoga was one of the recommended exercises in the book because it helps with balance. As you may know, falling is prevalent in older adults (65 and above) because they have balance issues and have lost muscle mass or what’s medically called sarcopenia.

I got back to Freeletics to look good in my wedding gown. I planned to alternate my Freeletics training and yoga days, but I was more diligent with the former. Yoga was not a priority. Missing a day or two per week was okay.

And after watching the docuseries I made (and will make) serious changes in my lifestyle.

Practice Yoga

I’ve gone back to practicing Yoga, and I did it for a whole month again. As cliche as it sounds, practicing Yoga gives you a zen feeling. I meditate every day, but practicing yoga gives a different feeling. You’re truly present because you don’t want to fall. Being present – that’s the zen feeling.

Walk every morning when it’s sunny

Even before watching the docuseries, I’ve been walking every morning with Little O and Ate V when Mr. Sun is out. My reason was to get some morning sun exposure for better sleep at night. I learned that from the neuroscientists-podcaster Andrew Huberman.

Be more food conscious

We eat mostly vegetables at home, but it’s a rotation of our usuals – squash, string beans, tofu, and cabbage. So, I asked D to buy me Vegan cookbook, so I can start cooking!

Find a moai or a group people with similar interests

I’ve been in search for this, but to be honest, with limited time in the day, joining one seems tedious. Maybe in time, I’ll find a group for me!

Maintain healthy relatioships

Relationships are tricky. It’s not just about D and Little O. There are other people in my family, too – who I’ve been avoiding because they wear me out!

Sleep more

Ever since I started working for a brand whose target audience is people with sleep apnea, I started to appreciate sleep more. If I want to age with health, I need to be more disciplined when it comes to sleeping.

My mental and physical journey to the Blue Zones lifestyle is not perfect, and I’m bound to fall off the wagon at some point, but I’m still here and still willing to do pushups at 80 years old.

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